Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Our renowned company is considered amongst the prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of best quality Cylinder Safety Device. The device offered by us is highly demanded among our clients due to its high strength and durability.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

The Gas Stove has a safety valve installed for each burner. This safety valve in turn is connected with a flame detection sensor near the gas burner. When the burner is turned ON & lit with fire the sensor checks the flame & the safety device continues to supply the gas to the burners.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Sohum is manufacturing Pressure Regulators for Industrial & Commercial applications for use in LPG/ Natural gas/ Air, etc. These come with different capacity of working pressures & flow rates.

Gas Regulators

Sohum Gas Regulators are a type of industrial gas equipments that are used to regulate the flow of air, natural gas or LPG. These are ideal for industrial as well as commercial use for regulating and adjusting the pressure, hence avoid dangerous conditions that may occur because of uncontrollable and unstable pressure. The purpose / role of gas regulators is in ensuring that the output pressure is sustained at a constant value. Few application areas are aerospace, air compressors, aircraft, cooking, gas powdered vehicles and lessening of water pressure. We offer the range in three types - REG-0201, REG-0202 and REG-0203. These can also be used in industries of gas, oil and mining. All our gas regulators can be identified / differentiated and selected on the few specific parameters such as flow rate, inlet connection, inlet pressure, outlet connection and outlet pressure. REG-0202 has unique attribute of OPSO (Over pressure Shut Off).

Gas regulators from Sohum Autogas Systems Pvt. Ltd. can be single stage or two stage gas regulators Both of them can be used for reducing the pressure of gas supplied from high-pressure gas cylinder to a level allowable for safe use for operating instrument and equipment. The only major difference between the two is the number of steps in which the regulator reduce the cylinder pressure to allowable level. Single stage regulator does the job in one step, which two stage gas regulator does the job in two steps. The other difference between the two are droop characteristics and supply pressure effect.


While selecting the gas regulator, customers must keep into consideration the material used for body and internal parts in the construction. The material to be chosen must be suitable for the application.

Other Factors In Making Purchase Decision

While determining the gas regulator, customers must determine the delivery pressure requirements, accessories to be accompanied, valve for flow control, etc.

The end decision must be on regulator can be efficiently meet all pressure reduction requirements. A professional must use this regulator. He should wear safety glasses at the time of installing and using gas handling equipment. The regulator must not be used as a shut-off valve.

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