Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Our renowned company is considered amongst the prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of best quality Cylinder Safety Device. The device offered by us is highly demanded among our clients due to its high strength and durability.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

The Gas Stove has a safety valve installed for each burner. This safety valve in turn is connected with a flame detection sensor near the gas burner. When the burner is turned ON & lit with fire the sensor checks the flame & the safety device continues to supply the gas to the burners.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Sohum is manufacturing Pressure Regulators for Industrial & Commercial applications for use in LPG/ Natural gas/ Air, etc. These come with different capacity of working pressures & flow rates.

Gas Safety Device

Natural Gas is one of the most commonly used fuels at domestic as well as industrial levels to provide thermal energy for carrying out a wide array of processes. But proper safety measures and appropriate handling is quite important while dealing with it, as there is no dearth of instances where considerable damage of life and property due to accidents resulting from leakage has occurred. Sohum Autogas Systems Pvt. Ltd. brings you a widely acclaimed range of the best quality industrial Gas Safety Device, that are highly sought after for their exceptional material attributes and functional life. Our selection of Gas Safety Device which includes Cylinder Safety Device, Domestic Gas Safety Device, Appliances Gas Safety Device, LPG Gas Safety Device, Industrial Gas Safety Device, Commercial gas Safety Device, Durable Gas Safety Device, etc. are quite adept at containing the possibilities of safety hazards, thanks to their exceptional build quality, perfect design and material endurance. Our products have been designed in accordance with industrial safety norms and internationally acceptable parameters of build and working mechanisms. Not only that, we also follow the guidelines specified by leading standardization authorities and the products are quality checked multiple times to make sure they are reliable and worth every single penny.

SOHUM Gas Safety Device are very efficient and durable as they can be easily fitted into gas conduit. These are manufactured using high-end diaphragm in conjunction with a durable valve to make the passage for gas leak. These are used for stopping the danger that is caused by a barrier which starts from gas supply and ends at gas faucet. Our Gas Safety Device forecloses the flow of gas to the following apparatus, hence avoiding the damage. The benefits of our devices are that they regulate the gas flow along with its supply, ensuring optimized consumption as well as safety. With our valves, it is possible to overcome the associated challenges such as fast opening of valve, longer time taken to reopen the valve and others. If this valve is installed, then the benefit achieved is its automatic closing whenever interruption is faced in the gas supply. Another advantage is easy to clean option in the path of valve.

Technical Attributes of Our Safety Device:

  • Special design to keep danger at bay that may be because of interruption of gas supply
  • Automatic closure and about 20% saving of gas
  • Outstanding performance, simple installation, least maintenance and manual adjustment of gas pressure
  • During medium or heavy leakage, the device shots off the supply and hence prevents hazards
  • The connection between diaphragm and valve is efficient as well as lost-motion type
  • Control elements are reliable with indicators for less gas etc

Why to Choose Sohum Gas Safety Device?

  • Top-notch components like Conduit, Diaphragm, Housing, Inlet & Outlet Port, Valve etc.
  • Various mechanical attributes, cost efficiency, better quality than other brands and reliable usage

Our Accreditation & Recognition:

  • Certified by CE Mark
  • Large dealer network of 80 retrofitting centers throughout India
  • Approved by ISO 9001:2008
  • Suitable for domestic LPG cylinders

Technical Specifications

Name Gas Safety Device
Brand Sohum Autogas
Model Sohum GSD
Type Fixed
Digital No
Indicator Type Visible, Audible
Operating Range Put on the Top of Regulator
Auto Lock System Yes (automatically shuts down supply of gas)
Warranty 3 Year

Benefits of the device:
  • for detecting gas leakage and checking the level of the gas present in cylinder.

How to check the quantity of gas ?
  • After fix the device on the cyliner the needle in the gauge shows the level of the gas present in it.

How to detect leakage ?
  • If Gas Stove not in used and needle is fluctuating means there is some leakage in the pipe, then change gas pipe immediately to prevent any mishap.

Payment / Packaging / Delivery Details

Payment Terms Cash / Credit/ T/T ,L/C
Packaging & Delivery Standard Packaging
Delivery Detail Timely delivery after order confirmation
Shipment By Sea, Cargo and Air

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