Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Our renowned company is considered amongst the prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of best quality Cylinder Safety Device. The device offered by us is highly demanded among our clients due to its high strength and durability.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

The Gas Stove has a safety valve installed for each burner. This safety valve in turn is connected with a flame detection sensor near the gas burner. When the burner is turned ON & lit with fire the sensor checks the flame & the safety device continues to supply the gas to the burners.

Greener Security & Safe Engineering is our domain

Sohum is manufacturing Pressure Regulators for Industrial & Commercial applications for use in LPG/ Natural gas/ Air, etc. These come with different capacity of working pressures & flow rates.

Reticulated Gas Systems

Oil companies have been provide piped LPG to housing ventures in metros and key cities.

The Reticulated Gas Systems or Piped Gas Systems are advanced systems for supplying LPG for domestic and commercial purposes. They are piped networks that ensure uninterrupted supply of gas through a central gas or cylinder bank. These novel methods of distributing LPG to flats, apartments and buildings employ a piped network to provide complete safety while distributing gas. They have become one of the best ways to save space, time and money as they provide gas at the turn of tap and eradicate the need of cylinder refill booking. The amount of gas used is calculated in the meter located at a suitable position. Their meters measure a definite volume of the gas passing through the meter.

Advantages of Reticulated Gas Systems:

  • Eradicate the need of booking cylinders and their refilling

  • Ensures maximum safety in kitchens due to low pressure level in pipes than LPG cylinder

  • Automatic change over

  • Uninterrupted gas supply

  • Can be used for operating geysers and air convectors

  • Payment is calculated according to the actual gas consumption through meter


  • Area should be fenced to restrict unauthorized entry.

  • Ensure to keep the place of Gas Bank ventilated

  • Install Under Pressure Shut off Valves to provide safety to kitchens

  • Do not use wiring for lighting in the Gas Bank


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